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June 16,1999


Web site offers help on college application essays from former Ivy Leaguers

New York, NY (June 16, 1999)., the Internet's leading application essay evaluation service, is coming to the aid of graduating seniors all over the country as they gear up for the arduous and nerve-wracking exercise of applying to colleges. Although there are many options for SAT preparation, there has been little available for students writing their personal application essays. Many find it to be the most difficult part of the application process, with their future riding on one page of prose.

Now there is help from the gate-keepers of the Ivy League. (located at is an Internet-based college application essay evaluation service offering a wide range of on-line help options. Many services on the site are free. The on-line advice sample essays and interactive brainstorming worksheets can help launch the college applicant past writer's block and on his or her way to writing the first draft. In addition, there is an economical do-it-yourself application kit which guides the student through the essay writing process.

But the heart of and what makes it a unique service is that it gives students the opportunity to send their essay to admissions experts for review and evaluation. As the premier on-line essay evaluation service, has built up a peerless staff of readers which include former admissions officers and qualified alumni of such top schools as Harvard, Yale, Berkeley, Columbia, Georgetown and others. Moreover, there is a former Rhodes Scholar, the pinnacle of academic achievement, on board to review essays.

Vedant Mimani, founder of and a Yale graduate, says,"College admissions are becoming more competitive because each year there are more and more higher caliber students competing for the same number of admissions slots. Harvard, Yale and Princeton all had record numbers of applicants this past year.

The application essay is a critical factor in the selection process. A bad essay will sink anyone's chances for good." He also sees the service provided by as long overdue. "Most students are really flying blind when it comes to applying for colleges because they have no ready access to reliable information or advice on how to write an effective application essay. I've seen both parents and teachers give some of the absolute worst advice possible. That kind of disadvantage is unfair and unnecessary. puts former admission staff and top-notch editors at the disposal of every student." is the on-line leader in the nascent but emerging industry of essay review for college and graduate school applications. Currently, covers undergraduate and MBA applications and will soon expand to medical school and law school applications.

ABOUT MYESSAY.COM was founded by Vedant K. Mimani and Arte Merritt in January 1998 and is based out of New York City. Mr. Mimani is the CEO and President of and Mr. Merritt is the CT0 of Mr. Mimani is a graduate from Yale University (1996). Mr. Merritt is a graduate of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (1995). Under their guidance during the past year, has grown from a staff of four to twenty and into the Internet's premier college essay evaluation service.