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  • Edward tried three Internet essay services: of New York City; of Lancaster, Mass.; and of South Plainfield, N.J. He used all of them on the first read, and then selected to refine his essays.
    --From Lori Valigra, Boston Globe, 21 December 1999
  • Editorial help has been around for ages, whether from parents eager to get their kids into the best school or profiteering companies employing Ivy League editors. But the recent emergence of online businesses can offer unlimited geographic reach, accelerated turnaround, and Internet-enabled services such as e-mail deadline reminders and online application submission. At it's quick and simple.... "It eliminates the stress of sitting in front of a computer, wondering what people will think about what you're writing," says Sam Levine, a 26-year-old customer of myEssay.
    --From Kim Cross, "Write of Passage," Business 2.0, November 1999
  • Seniors who are getting ready to fill out college applications should check out for tips, advice, and brainstorming help on writing a compelling personal essay, often the most dreaded and, some colleges say, most important part of the application.
    --From "The Dreaded Essay," FamilyPC, September 1999
  • The college application clock is ticking, and while grades, SAT scores and recommendations may be set in stone, there's still time to improve that all-important personal essay. One site prospective applicants may want to check out is, which provides tips and encouragement for this exceedingly important part of the application. Manned by Ivy League alums with admissions office and editing experience, myEssay is an invaluable resource in the increasingly competitive world of getting into college.
    --From Alissa MacMillan, "Essay Does It," New York Daily News, 31 October 1999
  • again captures the lead in creating innovative services for college and high school students.
    --From Education Update, November 1999
  • For a large number of students, writing the personal application essay can be the most difficult part [of applying for college admission]. Fortunately, help is available. A few tips from may give students an edge when opening those Ivy League gates.
    --From Adair County Free Press, 29 September 1999
  • The college process can be one of confusion and desperation. Fortunately, writing college application essays just got a lot less daunting. An innovative service offered by ... evaluates college application essays for a reasonable fee. The word "reasonable" is used because employs an incredible group of experts to review essays, including former admissions officers and qualified alumni/graduates of such top schools as Harvard, Yale, Berkeley, Columbia, and others.... Although there are many SAT study books and even college essay guides widely available, truly stands out as a high-quality service that can directly increase a student's chances at admission to a competitive college.
    --From Wan Li Zhu, "A Helpful Innovation:," Bronx Science Cyber Science, 28 June 1999
  • Need help cranking out those college essays? Check out, a cool new site where supersmart readers will look over your writing efforts and give [you] the feedback you need to get into the college you want.
    --From Teen People, December 1999


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