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The admissions essay is very important. Our panel of experts is dedicated to responding to your questions and concerns and our online workshops will help you get started. But if you are like many other students, getting into the right medical school is your paramount goal. You know exactly which school you want to attend, you understand the magnitude of the application essay, and you want to leave nothing to chance. If you feel this way, we offer you the Essay Evaluation Service.

Before you send your essay off to Harvard or Johns Hopkins, send it to Our committee includes former admissions officers who will read and evaluate your essay the same way your top-choice school will. So send your essay to first, use our expert feedback, evaluation, and suggestions to improve your essay, and THEN mail your essay to its final destination.

Stanford isn't going to let you rewrite your essay, so why take a chance?

If you would like more information, view a sample essay review or see the list of features below.

Contents of Our Signature Essay Review Service ($59.95)

  • PART 1: An extensive overview of your essay's principal strengths and weaknesses, encompassing issues of style, content, and structure.
    • General Comments In short, does your essay work? How well? What will the reader come to understand about you? What, if any, are the unique elements in the essay?
    • Topic and Theme What you choose to write about says as much about you as how it is written. Do the topic and theme of your essay serve your interests? Do they convey the character of a successful medical student and physician? How can the substance of your essay be improved? Do you address the question posed by the application?
    • Structure and Coherence How well does the essay hold together? Admissions committees should be able to follow the logic of your piece from start to finish -- can they? How can you improve the coherence of your essay?
    • Detail Abstractions and generalizations do not give admissions committees an adequate picture of you, and in order to distinguish yourself from other applicants your essay needs to testify to your uniqueness. Details bring you, your experience, and your essay to life. And yet you should also avoid providing information that is unnecessary. Do you use detail effectively?
  • PART 2: A detailed assessment of the mechanics of your writing.
    • Paragraphs Paragraphs indicate changes of ideas or direction in your essay. They allow for natural breaks in the progression of your essay and enable the reader to follow your train of thought. Are you using paragraphs to help the flow of your essay? Do you need more or fewer paragraphs?
    • Transitions While paragraphs signal changes in thought, they must nonetheless be integrated into a cohesive whole. Do your paragraphs work together? Is your essay choppy or difficult to follow?
    • Sentences Sentences are the building blocks of your essay, and problems within them will disrupt your essay at every other level. Are your sentences well-crafted and readable?
    • Grammar Admissions committees expect you to know how to write, and this means using proper grammar! Does your grammar require attention? Do you make recurring grammatical mistakes? Specific grammar errors will be addressed in Part 3 as they arise, but this section evaluates your overall grammatical usage.
  • PART 3: Your essay, with invaluable line-by-line comments from an expert reader.
    • Again, your essay will not be amended or rewritten for you -- getting accepted is your job, ours is to help -- but you will find recommendations for improvement and indications of errors within the body of the essay. We suggest that you correct all the noted grammatical mistakes, and as for stylistic and thematic adjustments, use your discretion. The best possible essay is the one filled with your ideas.

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View a sample Essay Review.